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Think Before You Drink!

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Think Before You Drink!

by Julie Myers, PsyD, MSCP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in San Diego, California

One of the first steps to changing a behavior is becoming (really and truly) aware of the behavior.

Often, addictive behaviors are driven largely by habit, which people engage in without much thought.  For example, someone may arrive home after a hard days work and automatically reach for a beer (which then automatically leads to the next beer).  This may be as much habit as it is a true desire to drink.

When you “turn-on” your brain and become more mindful of your automatic responses, you will be better able to begin to change your behaviors and habits.   The next time you reach for your drug of choice, pause and think…. you may be surprised!

Julie Myers, PsyD, MSCP

Licensed Psychologist, MS Clinical Psychopharmacology, Master Addiction Counselor, Board Certified Biofeedbac  

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